January 26

Media: Nada.

Music: Aimee Mann, Bachelor #1.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: A spicy ass breakfast burrito from Einstein Bros. A delightful sandwich in the evening. Also sampled some of the snack foods that came in for GUY.com. Just so you know, we are going to be a haven of snacks and booze and other goodies. Gray Whitten is going to e-jack.

Family: Got home and enjoyed the littlest man in town and then when he was in bed his big sister came and hung out.

Work: Big strides with GUY.com. Required strides. Outside the box decisions. Conference calls. Meetings. Podcast creation. Writing. Conversations. Hate. Love. Murder.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Yes! But for the wrong thing!

Projects: Nein.

Minutia: A lot of not much. Was up forever the night before. Woke up early. The day is a blur.

Activity: Nada.

Shrink’s Chair: I really want to punch people defined by their hats. ESPECIALLY POPES.

Asshole of the Day: Dude who walked into the bar with the trendy fedora. I want to punch that guy.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work and then not work.

The Day’s Rating: