True Grit is still fresh in our minds as it continues to do good business in the Top Ten and has garnered a whopping 10 Oscar nominations after being included on nearly every top of 2010 list imaginable. I don’t foresee the film sweeping at all, but it has a strong chance at several of the awards (could very well be Deakin’s year, even if he’s done better work) and will definitely make another bundle of cash before all is said and done. It’s a strong, thoroughly classy film from the Coens and that’s been good for us and good for them. To celebrate the film, I’d like to point you in the direction of an online Comic Book for the film that’s free, runs a full 24 pages, and wonderfully visualizes one of the best scenes in the movie.

I was turned on to the piece by Rory Ahern, who is also associated with Muller Designs, who put together a fantastic Coen Brothers infographic that I’ve included below. As he tells me the, the story of the creation of the comic runs as such-

“UK comic artist Christian Wildgoose saw the trailer and ended up posting a sketch of Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn on his blog a few months back. These drawings were spotted by someone working with Paramount who thought they’d make a fantastic rendition as a graphic novel. Et voila. Full props to Dan & Saffron at Glass Eye Inc, as they were the two behind getting this project made.”

That would be a pretty cool email- that Paramount wants you to draw a tie-in comic based on your sketch! The comic covers the story Rooster tells in his very scene in the film. Naturally, part of the power of that scene is hearing the amazing Jeff Bridges chew on the wonderful dialogue and deliver this story in such a way that we have no need to see the story visually. In comic format though, it’s nice to see Portis’ prose juxtaposed with excellent art in a way that side-steps into the film. Definitely worth your time, and you can read it in full at Comixology for free.

I want to leave you with Coen Brothers infographic I mentioned above. It’s made the rounds online, and if you dig stuff like this make sure you check out my last infographics piece.

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