STUDIO: Hart Sharp Video
MSRP: $26.99
RUNNING TIME: 120 Minutes

The Pitch

"It’s Awakings meets What About Bob?."

The Humans

Michael Sheen, Adrian Bower, Claudie Blakley and Anastasia Griffin.

The Nutshell

Mark (the underrated Michael Sheen) losses his job and his wife. His wife and employers have deiced that Mark’s bizarre idiosyncrasies (like walking up three stairs and down two) and behavior (barking at dogs) has gone too far. After he loses his job and his wife these behaviors go into overdrive as he learns he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The movie centers around how he tries to keep these behaviors under control (while stalking his wife).

Devin feels dirty whenever he agrees with a Republican. So dirty.

The Package

Not too much included on the disk. There’s a trailer. I guess that’s something. But, with this movie it would have been nice to have an interview with the stars about playing characters with these disorders or of psychologists describing the disorders. Something like that.

Bob used his face as an anal probe once 10 years ago. It was the worst mistake of his life.

The Lowdown

Michael Sheen needs a breakthrough role. Again (like in Heartlands which I reviewed HERE) he gives an inspired performance. He needs to find the right role (and budget for publicity and rollout) to become a solid acting commodity.

His portrayal of Mark in this movie is incredible. He times his ticks and outbursts perfectly (editing and camerawork help with this too). More importantly is the sympathy he gets from the viewer. You feel his plight. Not because you feel sorry for him because he has a disease – but because of the amount of energy he puts into curing and living with it.

He realizes the slippery slope he is on. His behavior is accelerated by stress. He tries to get his wife and his job back, in essence trying to get his life back. That is why you feel compassion for him. No matter what he does he is still at the mercy of other people (his boss or wife) and their actions can send him into a tailspin.

Dirty Filthy Love is a good “living with disease” film. Sheen’s performance, however, elevates it into something very worth watching.

Christian Slater finally perfects his Jack Nicholson impression.

7.25 out of 10