January 26

Media: Nada.

Music: The Atomic Bitchwax: Self-Titled. Amazing. STS5: Artifact. Amazing

Comedy: Todd Barry: From Heaven. So good.

Food/Drink: I threw bruschetta, eggs, milk, cheddar, and fresh tomatoes into a skillet and made magic. Also had a few slices of Z Pizza. The wheat crust I chose was an error. Mellow Mushroom is the only way to go.

Family: I had the Rock ‘n Roll man until around 12:30 and we had a blast. I barely saw anyone else.

Work: Long day. Thankless day. Got a few articles up that people actually seemed to respond to but I wasn’t able to promote them all that well. Spent a lot of time spread thin on a variety of things. Then I got home from the office right around ten at night and proceeded to work on more until the wee hours. May have found a healthy solution to an expensive and ongoing problem but it’ll require grace I may not possess. The podcast could be fun.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: A Conference call that went nowhere.

Minutia: The very helpful gentleman I worked with for many hours in the night on tech stuff intimated that he was in 3rd grade when I started CHUD.com. John Makarewicz (happy belated) stopped by the office for a cup of hot chocolate and bullshat.

Activity: Nada.

Shrink’s Chair: People ought to listen better. I’m pretty good at what I do if they’ll let me guide, things might be smoother.

Asshole of the Day: An ex-very close friend who is blatantly friending our old circle of friends and not even replying to my very gracious and heartfelt outreach to patch things up.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Work. Work. Probably going to opt out of the Thursday night bar offer to do something music related.

The Day’s Rating: