I think news might have slipped into some kind of bizarro realm in the past few hours.  Viggo Mortensen, one of two major contenders for The Dark Tower, is now in talks for one of those revised fairy tale movies.

According to Variety, Mortensen is in talks to play the titular Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize Theron has already signed to play the Evil Queen.   Theron and Mortensen worked together previously on The Road, and probably want to work together again.

This revised version of Snow White drops the dwarves in favor of the Huntsman.    Ordered to kill Snow White, he takes pity on her instead, and they flee into the forest. A quasi-Robin Hood tale follows where he teaches her to survive and avoid the Evil Queen.    Eventually, she leaves his rugged path in favor of  Prince Charming. (Bad idea. Rooting for nuts and mushrooms with Mortensen sounds far more appealing.)

I’ve heard the script is good and less shallow than its official summary is.  Mortensen’s interest certainly suggests it is, as he’s notoriously choosy with his projects.   It’s certainly something new for him — not because it’s fantasy (Aragorn was a a Ranger, after all) but because it’s geared (I assume) for young girls.  Other than Hidalgo, his taste has favored more mature stories.

But still…what happened? Mortensen, you were supposed to be Roland Deschain! I respect your freedom and your rebelliousness, and I love that about you, but wow. Snow White? Really?