EW has word that John Travolta is in “serious talks” with producer Marc Fiore to portray famed crime boss, John Gotti, in Fiore’s planned Gotti“We would love to have him,” Fiore tells EW. “He’s a terrific actor. John Gotti, Sr. — he’s an icon. And so is Travolta … The Gottis have an image already. People know who they are. You can’t just be a good actor, you have to be a great actor who can become John Gotti.” Leo Rossi’s script for the planned biopic covers three generations of the Gotti family.  Fiore is also said to be in talks with Nick Cassavetes to direct.  Speculation in the article also has James Franco’s named being volleyballed for John Gotti, Jr.  Fiore has high expectations for the project: “It’s going to be the new Godfather. It’s a story about a father and a son, but the father happens to be John Gotti Sr.” If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Gottfather be a catchier title?

Just looking at Travolta next to Gotti, his having the look certainly won’t be an issue.  So this could be huge, if the script is good.  Although writer Leo Rossi is predominantly known for his acting rather than his typing.  But Fiore’s right.  You’d need someone of Travolta’s caliber to pull of that portrayal.  And surprisingly, EW also has it that the entire Gotti family is behind the project.  John, Jr. even helped Rossi with the script apparently.  “We have a real inside look,” says Fiore. “John, Jr. will answer any question you ask him. The Gotti family, they don’t try to put a sweater over things.” Fiore is looking to shoot later this year.  In the meantime, Travolta has had some down time since From Paris With Love last year, having recently just had a son with wife, Kelly Preston.  Regular IMDB didn’t have any projects listed as in the pipeline for him.