Late news is still good news, especially if it’s about David Lynch and Blue Velvet.

As you undoubtedly know, Lynch’s original cut of Blue Velvet ran four hours.  He trimmed it down to just under two, and the footage was never seen again. It’s been one of those maddening losses for cinephiles. It’s not that the film isn’t just fine on its own … but you always want to know. To see.

Well, modern wonders never cease!  Lynch appeared on KCRW and dropped quite the Velvet bombshell. The lost footage has been found, inexplicably in Seattle, and plans are underway to restore it and put it on the upcoming Blu-Ray.

It’s not known exactly what scenes these are.  The alternate beginning, with Jeffery seeing the date rape? The alternate ending with Dorothy’s suicide? A severed ear being flushed? (Russ Fischer over at Slashfilm has the list and stills that appeared in the 1991 issue of Video Watchdog if you would like to look and imagine.)

It’s exciting news.  I love when bits of film, books, or scripts pop up in closets and drawers. It would appear that nothing is ever truly lost, and that’s a strange comfort. Although if everything starts popping up, a’la Connie Willis’ Lost and Found, we’re in serious  trouble.