Yesterday I broke my pledge once again to never head back into Brooklyn in order to check out the Murakami exibit at the Brooklyn Museum. If you’re not familiar with the man (I barely was, outside of his art on Kanye’s last album) his stuff is very strange. Commercial and pop and deviant all at once, he makes everything from paintings to gigantic sculptures to tiny merchandise. There was even a room of incredibly sexual hyperstylized anime sculptures and paintings, that I won’t link to here on the off chance you’re at work. (Do a google search for Murakami’s “Lonesome Cowboy”, or “Milk”, if you get a chance, though)

Even with all of that, to prove to you how big some of this stuff is- the exhibit has a little alcove where they sell Louis Vuitton bags that Murakami designed (staffed by some people who look like they’re in the loading program of The Matrix).

But by far the best part of the exhibit were these two sculptures of his character Inochi (it means Life in Japanese). He filmed these 3 commercials for the art, and, well… just watch.

I love it. Hope you don’t have nightmares.