Recounting the tiresome recent history of the development of a Wonder Woman project would take longer than I’m willing to devote in this space at the moment.  But things seem to be developing apace since David E. Kelly’s pilot got the go ahead from NBC.  Now an interesting (or horrifying depending on your take) development is rumored to be in the works with word that McG is up for directing the pilot, according to Michael Ausiello over at TV Line.  So before you look for the nearest high balcony or oncoming bus, leave us ruminate upon this for a sec.  While McG has had hits and misses behind the camera, he does currently have a decent handle on the TV game.  He’s exec producing Chuck, Nikita, Supernatural, and Human Target. Three of those shows are at the top of programs on TV; and Nikita is better than for what I would have given credit.  McG also directed the pilot for Chuck, which was a solid opener for one of my favorite shows.

Wonder Woman is a different animal altogether, though, with a main character that has continually struggled to find relevance in modern times (at least from what I hear, I never read that rag even when I was collecting comics).  The Lynda Carter incarnation is of course going to be the standard.  But the game is definitely going to have to be stepped up this go-round.  Stock footage, reverse camera tricks, models where you can see the wires, obvious stunt doubles and the main character swimming around in a pool to simulate swimming in the ocean ain’t gonna cut it today.  Smallville would seem be a likely formula to follow.  It also depends on how much input McG is going to have in the creation of the character beyond the pilot.  For his faults, McG does have a pretty good track record using hot chicks in an ass kicking capacity.  So we’ll have to see how this pans out if Kelley decides to go this way.

In the meantime, McG is wrapping up This Means War with Tom Hardy, Chris Pine Laura Vandervoort, Angela Bassett and Til Schweiger, and has agreed to direct the upcoming board game adaptation of Ouija.