He’s covered bad roommates, drug addiction, found treasure, rage infection and an island paradise, so it looks like it’s time to launch into outer space.  That’s where director Danny Boyle is heading next, and he’s taking a bunch of people with him.

Boyle’s sci-fi thriller Sunshine has secured the services of several spacefarers, including sexy kicker Michelle Yeoh, 28 Days Later survivor Cillian Murphy and flaming dude Chris Evans.  

We recently heard Yeoh would potentially take a role in either (or both) Mission: Impossible 3 or the Silence of the Lambs prequel Behind the Mask (or The Lecter Variations, or whatever the hell they’re calling that utterly unnecessary project), but this seems like a more prudent decision all around.  Curiously, all three have been involved with superheroes – Yeoh starred in the goofy Hong Kong vigilante flick Silver Hawk, Murphy harasses the Dark Knight as villain Scarecrow in Batman Begins, and Evans plays the Human Torch in Fantastic Four (it’s probably good that he’s lining up more projects before that hits screens).

The DNA Films/Fox Searchlight flick, penned by Boyle collaborator Alex Garland, follows a deep space recovery team dispatched to locate a missing crew.  At least, that’s what Variety says – we’d previously heard that the film would follow a demolition squad transporting unstable explosives through the cosmos, borrowing the plot from the 1953 French thriller The Wages of Fear (later remade as the underappreciated William Friedkin film Sorcerer).  I’m hoping that’s still the overarching story, as it seems more interesting than that Variety’s Event Horizon-ish description.   Garland also wrote that excessively expensive Halo script that’s currently being spurned by the major studios.

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