Who doesn’t love Wes Anderson?

a rhetorical question. If you don’t love the filmmaker, I don’t want to
know. It’d taint my opinion of such a fine readership. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Devin’s review, Nick’s review)
is the latest Anderson flick and its on DVD with a sexy Criterion
package that ought to keep you busy until the figurative cows come
figuratively home.

.I just so happen to have a nice stack of
these DVDs (and a nice stack in general, if you get my drift) in my
possession and the wherewithal to send them to you. I also have a neat
little arc of our comic strip planned for July that involves bringing
the readership of CHUD.com into our comic strip, where they will
quickly be dispatched by one of many new characters we plan to
introduce as RON has a massive culling not unlike Marvel’s Sin Eater opus of the 80’s. So, here’s how the contest works.

You win, you get a great DVD and you die in full color right here on CHUD.com.

Not bad, eh?

how to enter, and this contest is open to everyone all over. CHUD
writers included. I personally am thrilled to see how Lewis renders
some of you folks’ visages. I also have a secret craving to see some of
you destroyed, so there’s that too.

Using the link below, answer the following questions and with a picture of yourself attached
to the email (duh, for drawing reference). Please include your mailing
address so we know where to send the winning DVD. Losers, you might
show up in the background of RON so please don’t forget the picture. You may lose and win (or lose and lose, as it turns out).

1. What’s the best Criterion DVD on the market thus far?

2. In your dream world, what film ought to get the Criterion treatment?

3. Who is your favorite RON character (2004 archive, 2005 archive)?

You’re going to die in the strip, but we don’t want to upset you or your loved ones.
What way do you NOT want to die? You know, if you have a yucky vibe
towards being eaten by hummingbirds we certainly don’t want to put you
in therapy.

5. Did you remember to include a picture of yourself?

(Don’t forget your mailing address and attached photo)