American Hypocrites

I just finished reading my advance copy
of Glenn Greenwald’s outstanding book, Great
American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics
It’s the best book I’ve read on how the media works since Neil Postman’s Amusing
Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
. In
some ways, I think Glenn’s book is a more important read for conservatives than
it is for liberals — at least for conservatives, like yours truly, who put
principle before party. If you want to understand how politics and the media
work today, how the Republican party has betrayed the principles it purports to
defend, and how opinion is manipulated by appeals to fear, prejudice, and other
irrational emotions, Great American Hypocrites is indispensable. Glenn
discusses the book on his blog here.
It’s available for online ordering today and will be released on April 15. Give
it a try — you won’t be able to put it down, and you’ll never read the paper
or watch the news the same way after.