In August of 2004, Sean Fahey provided one of the first reviews of Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s We3, delivering the following prose:

"I think the safest way to
describe writer Grant Morrison is to just say that he’s one-of-a-kind. It never
ceases to amaze me – the things that are spawned from this guy’s mind. A vibrant
imagination if there ever was one. This is the guy that imagined a Charles
Xavier who, in utero, tried to murder his twin sister. This is the guy
that penned an Animal Man story about Willie Coyote as a metaphor for
Christ. I won’t say that everything the guy has written has been golden, but
I’ll be damned if it wasn’t original – and in keeping with that tradition, this
Wednesday Morrison brings us We3, all about an elite group of
cybernetically enhanced and lethal…house pets.

Only Grant Morrison could take
The Adventures of Milo & Otis, put a sci-fi, government assassination
program spin on it, and make the thing work. When We3 # 1 opens, the sun
is setting on the United States Air Force’s cybernetic animal assassin weapons
program. Collectively known as We3, the team – featuring a dog with the
fire-power of a small tank, a cat trained in stealth assassination techniques
and a rabbit trained in demolitions, has performed its final mission, and is
scheduled for “decommissioning.” We3 has other ideas though…

Come on!

I wasn’t actually expecting this
book to work. The high concept, on a superficial level, seemed goofy. But
Morrison pens a fantastic story here, one with suspense, humor and a little
tragedy – but one that is, much to my surprise, incredibly endearing and
heartwarming. By giving the three animals the ability to speak very rudimentary
English through voice modulators, Morrison is able to instill a good deal of
personality in the characters right away, allowing the readers to be genuinely
concerned about what happens to them, but also allowing for some very funny
moments. Demanding food. Telling their handler that she stinks. Arguing with one
another. Quite humorous. I’m just amazed at how Morrison is able to so clearly
define and distinguish these characters with so few words. But he does it. These
characters draw you in, and have you routing for them all the way.

Artist Frank Quitely brings so
much to this book. His visual storytelling abilities make We3 happen. The
opening action sequence and the climatic escape sequence in particular, where
nary a word is spoken, are classic examples of Quitely’s ability to convey
information, capture emotion, build tension and move the story forward solely on
the basis of visuals. The detail he brings to his line work truly brings these
characters to life – the confusion and later determination on the dog’s face,
the sinister smile of the cat, the hilarious look on the rabbit’s face as he
demands food. Impressive work that helps Morrison get where he needs to go with
these characters.

We3 # 1 starts off with a bang and never
lets go. I didn’t think it would be possible given the subject matter, but
Morrison and Quitely draw you in and make you genuinely care about this
characters. I’ll be around for the entire series to be sure. Highly

Thing is, the comic got BETTER after that…

Today, news broke that New Line has partnered with Don Murphy’s Angry Films in snapping up the comic property for the big screen. Forget all the CHUD/Murphy bullshit and forget the fact that Jeff Katz and George Waud are also the New Line executives on MEG. This is a phenomenal comic, one that is still really fresh and early along in its lifespan. Plus, it’s Grant Morrison, a guy whose work is certainly visionary but not the easiest to turn into a film. This will be a challenge, but a fun one.

Apparently, the studio understands that this will be an effects heavy film and is up to the challenge. They sort of have a reputation for taking difficult material and weaving gold with it (You know, Friday After Next), so I believe it.

What does Mr. Murphy say about We3? This:

"Grant’s been a friend through my producing partner Susan Montford for like 5 years… this is the most dynamic, filmic thing he has ever done… I am so psyched that New Line agreed ….with any luck we’ll blow your mind and make you cry at the same time".

Note to Don: Last time I had my mind blown while crying, I shat my lower intestine out.

Assassin pets? My ticket, bought.

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