How on Earth can people care about Scream in any incarnation? The first movie was interesting at the time but boy did it get old fast. Each additional incarnation only reinforced how thin the premise was and I defy anyone to explain how Wes Craven is still allowed to make movies without it hinging on the fact that he’s become a “brand” again due to this series. His name on a film is pretty much assurance it will not be good.

I have no opinion on this matter, obviously. Some new stills from the latest incarnation are here though!

If you weren’t aware, Scream 4 is a few scant months away. Alex recently shared the trailer for this film (which I just made the mistake of watching), which reunites many of the past cast members as well as introduces new characters like Emma Roberts’ Jill Roberts below:

This came out of Eric Roberts.

See, there’s the useless and not scary in the least nor funny in the least villain attacking from behind!

And here’s another still, which you can see in action in the hideous trailer linked above:

One of these two has aged well.

OK, enough Scream 4. Click on something else!