January 25

Media: Ken Burns’ Baseball “Bottom of the 10th”. The Rite.

Music: The Atomic Bitchwax: AB4. Amazing.

Comedy: The Unbookables.

Food/Drink: Mom made eggs as I did the Oscar Nominations. After I was done I made some turkey bacon and made a nice sandwich on an everything bagel. Good start to the day. Then had a little chicken salad and for a late dinner a nice healthy veggie wrap. A brand of rum I love, Pritchards, had a new flavored bourbon after dinner drink. I had to buy and taste it (along with a few other goodies). It’s sort of a mixture of American Honey (good), Grand Imperial (good), rum (good), and fuel (bad).

Family: Not much. Took Rocco for a jaunt while Sofia had her doctor’s appointment with Mom.

Work: Ugh. The bugs with GUY.com’s backend make me long for simplicity. Funny, CHUD’s been amazing for less than a month and now I’m spoiled after years of a shitty interface. Now I set myself up all over again. If any programmer wants to convert this thing to WordPress I’m all ears. I did a List of Dumb that got exactly ZERO Mb posts. Some good stuff got done and then there was a screening. It never ends, though once Guy launches I hope it’ll all be rosy.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Conference call about a project I’d forgotten about, but nothing else.

Minutia: I had a great half cigar (Arturo Fuente Hemingway) that got shitty on the second half. What gives?

Activity: Nada.

Shrink’s Chair: The amount of energy I pour into people ought to result in something good at some point. Right? Sometimes it seems as if some people use me and the site simply as a stepladder. Found myself almost going somewhere crappy just for a change of scenery.

Asshole of the Day: The local film critic simply too good to watch the end of a movie. As if mingling with the rabble is beneath him.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Kid watching. Conference Calls. Getting back to working on my short.

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