xasI love setting up cool contests. I love getting all the emails from people entering. I love reading the 30% of the emails that actually follow the rules while I delete the other 70%.

So I am psyched to offer you the chance to win a copy of Martin Scorsese’s Casino: 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. This has been a good year to be a Marty fan: a great new movie has been coupled with some of his best old stuff (well, really almost all of his stuff! Awesome!) getting nice releases on DVD. Casino was a movie that I avoided getting on DVD because I knew there was a better edition coming, and now it’s upon us. Or at least it will be on June 14th. 

What can you expect on this disc?  Two hours of fresh material, including:

Casino: The Story: A fascinating exploration of the script, the book, and how director Martin Scorsese collaborated with writer Nicholas Pileggi to bring the story and characters of "Casino" to life.

Casino: The Cast & Characters: Discover the real people behind the characters.

Casino: The Look: A revealing look at the unique style of the film.

Casino: After the Filming: A retrospective on why "Casino" has become a classic.

Vegas & the Mob: NBC News takes a look at Las Vegas’ rough beginnings.

Great Mob Writers: Nicholas Pileggi: The History Channel highlights the career of writer Nicholas Pileggi.

Moments with Martin Scorsese, Sharon Stone, Nicholas Pileggi and more: Audio commentary with Martin Scorsese, Thelma Schoonmaker, Barbara De Fina, Nicholas Pileggi, Rita Ryack, Frank Vincent, and Sharon Stone.

Deleted Scenes.

Oh, hotness. This is a movie that was maligned when it came out, but I think that people have realized that it couldn’t live up to Goodfellas – and it wasn’t meant to.

So how do you win a copy of this thing? So easy. Send me your name and mailing address to devin@chud.com (CASINO in the subject line) and answer the following questions:

1. Which Scorsese film would have been most improved by a huge helping of Carl Weathers, and why?

2. Why do some people send in emails for contests and not answer the questions?