csaIf there is no other information that you get from this article, at least walk away knowing that Brett Ratner talks about himself in the third person. The new director of X3 unloaded in a bizarre interview with MTV that covered himself in the third person, how all of you reading this hate him, and when Brandon Routh will die.

"Jackie Chan says Brett Ratner is the luckiest guy in the world," the fuzzy, creepy man said, referring to the star of the now defunct Rush Hour films, "and I feel like I am."

Ratner is a self-professed comic book fan, ( "Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner are in that age range who grew up on comics," he says. "Well, I don’t know if he grew up on comic books, but in that generation where comic heroes are part of our society and part of our pop culture.") and he had been interested in doing the first X-Men until Bryan Singer took it. Then he was attached to the new Superman… until Bryan Singer took it.

God, could this all be a ploy to bring Singer back to the franchise?

"Bryan Singer left [‘X-Men 3′] because he didn’t like the material," Ratner insisted, although Singer has denied this. "But I don’t think this movie is tainted; I think it is fantastic and the script is amazing."

But Brett Ratner knows that Brett Ratner is not the most popular guy on the Internet.  "[They think] I’m the antichrist I don’t think about it." He doesn’t think about it – being the Anti-Christ comes naturally to him! 

So who IS Brett Ratner? "I’m not Joel Schumacher," he said. "And I’m not … um … who did the third Superman? I’m Brett, and all I know is what I know, what I can do and what I have to work with."

Of course he’s referring to the fact that superhero franchises have died after the second film. And thinking of that makes Brett Ratner think of something else.  "Well, there’s also the fact that all the Supermans die a tragic death," he said. "Do you think the new guy [Brandon Routh] is going to die also?"

Wait… is that a threat? Oh Brett Ratner, you card!

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