csaLast night I had the opportunity to talk to Jennifer Connelly on the phone. She’s a nice and really down to Earth person – there were some mix-ups in communication about the time of the interview and she could have really easily just blown me off, but she made it work.

The fruits of that interview will be up tomorrow. We were talking about her new film, Dark Water, a remake of a recent Asian horror film that carries a hell of a pedigree – not only is this version starring Oscar winner Connelly, it’s got Walter Salles, the amazing director of The Motorcycle Diaries helming and it co-stars John C Reilly, Pete Postlethwaite and Tim Roth. The Grudge Again this won’t be.

We’re proud to present for what I am told is the first time (you would be amazed how often sites get "exclusives" that have been floating around for days or hours), the new TV spot for the film. It’s pretty effective, it’s pretty spooky, and it’s pretty in Quicktime.


Low Quality

High Quality