While the doomed cruise ship pulls up anchor and prepares to set sail on its journey into upside-down terror, more passengers are rushing up the embarking ramp to join Wolfgang Petersen’s update of The Poseidon Adventure. 

Josh Lucas, who memorably detonated into a white outline in Hulk, will play a slick gambler in the remake, which also stars Kurt Russell, Emmy Rossum, Mike Vogel and a gay Richard Dreyfuss.

Despite being pretty great in films like Undertow and Wonderland, Lucas (who’s sort of a Brundle-pod hybrid of Matthew McConaughey and Thomas Jane) somehow hasn’t found the A-list launch pad just yet.  Although he’s essentially been nudged out of the promos by the awards power of Jamie Foxx and the staggering magnificence of a bikini-clad Jessica Biel, Lucas is the ostensible star of Rob Cohen’s upcoming EXTREME robot-plane movie Stealth, which is just another part of a boisterous and unappealing summer.

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