acIf you’re a complete gaymo like me, you’re looking forward to the big screen version of Rent, featuring most of the original Broadway cast, even though Chris Colombus is directing it. And if you’re a complete gaymo like me you might even watch the new teaser trailer 2 or 3 times and sing along with the song.

I think it’s a pretty effective teaser – it makes no bones about beig a musical, it shows off Jessie L Martin singing (weird for me, since I only know him from Law & Order, never having seen Rent) and featuring a little Rosario Dawson, providing hot sex appeal.

The one thing about this show is that it’s become a period piece. AIDS just isn’t the kind of terrifying thing it was a decade ago. That’s good and bad, in that it’s nice that people don’t live in fear, but it’s sad that AIDS has been shunted off as a gay disease not worthy of mainstream concern, which is where it started.

One other thing – is that one of my favorite bars in the trailer, 7B, turned into a cafe or something? Very interesting. You can watch the trailer in glorious Quicktime at┬áMoviefone by clicking here.