ascForget about the aborted Batman vs Superman - we’re going to get a film pitting two more powerful figures in film today. In this corner, Will Smith, undisputed champion of the box office world! In this corner, Nic Cage, a guy whose movies you end up seeing even though you really didn’t want to!

The film is Time Share, and it’s truly weak sounding premise is that the two men play fathers who butt heads when they learn their respective families are signed up for the same time shared condo at the same time! It’s a premise that screams 1980s and John Candy to me.

At the very least it will be an interesting test of Will Smith’s box office clout – he seems slightly more effective than Ebola, so he can probably knock this bitch up to 150 mil, easy. Add to that Cage’s bizarre ability to draw crowds and we may have one of 2006’s winners right here.