.So, apparently Microsoft tried a fun and quirky way to get the idea of HALO: The Movie in front of studios…

…by walking Master Chiefs through their doors with copies of Alex Garland’s script. Inventive. According to the Defamer site (thanks Jack, you SW apologist), the buzz on the script is that it’s shate but I find it hard to believe that there’s any buzz at all as of yet. I’ve also learned that 90% of the people in Hollywood who create "buzz" do so with ulterior motives so screw all that.

The news here is that Garland’s script is out there. The studios have it and it sounds like they’ve been pretty aggressive (deadlines, Master Chiefs, high price tags) in making HALO a prize for a lucky bidder. And it is. Despite your own perception of the game (Dave Davis still thinks it’s piss), there’s no denying that its cinematic and a rather sizable phenomenon. That the film would cost $400,000,000 doesn’t concern me. I’d kill for a producer gig on that sucker. Actually, if there’s no training sequence at Blood Gulch, Garland failed.

So, expect to hear more HALO news soon. It’s out there. It may be good and it may not. Either way, some studio is about to overspend on a really great property.

I’m afraid to think of what stunt they’d have pulled for the remake of The Accused.