Today Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for L.A. Noire, one that shows that one of the cases involves a serial killer. As we now know, the game will focus extensively on detective work and here we see our main man Cole Phelps investigating the murders of four women, investigating suspects, collecting evidence and of course engaging in shootouts. (It is a Rockstar game, after all.)

Set amidst the corrupt and violent undercurrents of Hollywood’s post-war Golden Age, L.A. Noire tells the story of World War II hero and aspiring young detective, Cole Phelps as he solves cases and climbs the ranks of the LAPD.

A dark crime thriller, LA Noire plays out across the various ‘desks’ of the LAPD, including Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson, each desk posing unique challenges and revealing a new side to the Los Angeles criminal underworld. Trailer 2 focuses on Cole’s experiences working these desks, including a series of potentially linked murders and the desperate pressure to find the killer or killers and bring them to justice.

Traffic? Hope they don’t have a meter maid level.

L.A. Noire will hit he Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 17th in North America and May 20th in Europe.