caThis is why I would like to be rich, famous and powerful. While watching the Miss Universe pageant, Adam Sandler saw Jennifer Hawkins, last year’s winner, hand off her crown to this year’s Beauticon. I guess he liked how she looked, because he offered Hawkins a role in his next film, Click.

Click is a film from the Jim Carrey end of the spectrum – all high concept lesson learning comedy. In the film a guy gets a magic remote control that allows him to pause, fast forward and rewind his life. But things get complicated when the remote starts overriding his decisions.

"I love Adam Sandler, I think he’s hilarious," 21-year-old Hawkins said. "The fact that he wants me in his new movie is totally unbelievable. I don’t know whether I’m able to free up July and August to shoot it, but if it works out then it would be fantastic."

Christopher Walken, Kate Beckinsale, Blake Heron, Allen Covert, Peter Dante and David Hasselhoff are also appearing in the film. It’s unclear if Sandler hired Hasselhoff after thinking he was hot.

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