I love The B-52’s first two albums. I like Mesopotamia (hell, it was produced by David Byrne), but those first two are now back on the iPod. And it is good.

All music reviews should come with a rating of its sex content/possibilties. The Beatles are first kiss/teenage makeout music. The Stooges are dirty, dirty sex. Prince is good fucking, Marvin Gaye is usually makin’ love. Nine Inch Nails is awesome hate fuckin’. Etc.


I bought a PS3 this week. I got Spider-Man 3 with it, and haven’t taken it to Amoeba yet. Probably will. I bought The Orange Box, and the first Blu-Ray I bought was The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. I haven’t watched it yet. The first Blu-Ray I did watch? Sky High. My guiltiest pleasure, in that I unabashedly love the film.

I now have six Blu-Ray titles (not including SM3):
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Blade Runner
No Country for Old Men
Pan’s Labyrinth
Rio Bravo
Sky High

Throwing on Blade Runner for a couple of minutes… my god, it’s full of stars. Granted, I watched the film on the Warner Brothers lot digitally projected with Devin and Jeremy (memorable day, watched it with James Hong, it was a nice reprieve the day after my father died), but at home it sings. Sadly I’ve seen all but Sky High and Pan’s in the last six months, with Rio Bravo seen at the New Beverly a month ago, and having watched the Standard Def version of No Country for review over at Collider. I threw on Rio Bravo for a couple minutes, and it looks great, but TOO SOON, same with BR, though maybe I’ll watch the theatrical cut this weekend.

On the list to grab:
The Fountain
The Prestige
The Searchers
The Wild Bunch

All of these I have on Standard Def. The great thing is, though, is that I love being double dipped. Any chance to watch a film in a slightly different context means I might actually get something new out of it. That’s why a 1080P transfer is exciting. It means a chance to see something old in a new way. I’ve never understood people who hate it. If there’s a DTS mix or a new transfer, it means you might hear or see something fresh than the last time. Then again, I don’t have time to watch things over and over, and I don’t really want to. Except Knock Off. That never gets old.

I’ve never been crazy about Close Encounters (it’s a strange, kind of uncomfortable film for me), so I think I’ll pass on that one. If y’all have recomendations, I’ll take them.

For my talkbackers, from the last one: I don’t feel comfortable reciting other people’s anecdotes, but I’m not DK Holm and did not write the Klute review at the J. I did write another of my five from the seventies draft there, though…

I feel uncomfortable reciting other people’s anecdotes, but one of the best about Junior Bonner was that Steve McQueen – as a joke – let a bull loose, and had to (and hated) riding a mechanical bull for the film. I also now want to grab the UK version of the film as an interview was conducted with Dustin Hoffman where he realized – during the course of the interview – how great Peckinpah was and how good Straw Dogs was God, Straw Dogs is a masterpiece.

Also, Burt, I bought Semi-Tough as it was $5 at Fry’s. Which I haven’t seen. So, soon.