Liam Neeson’s great. This is indisputable. He’s great. Fact.

January Jones? Yep. Great. A perfect blend of talent and delightful curves (not unlike Liam) who easily holds her own on Mad Men. Diane Kruger? A fan.

Aiden Quinn? Eh. Frank Langella? Warming up. Brno Ganz. BIG TIME. If you haven’t seen Downfall (or Wings of Desire for that matter) you need to.

Add the director of the underappreciated House of Wax and Orphan (Jaume Collet-Serra and you are cooking with serious heat. Unknown tells the story of a man who awakens from a coma to no identity who is forced to piece together his life amidst a host of obstacles. Thrills and chills follow. While some folks decry a February release for a film like this, Neeson has a great track record with February releases (Taken was a monster).

This looks a fun time at the movies and since you have great taste in websites let’s toss a few passes your way (winner will be emailed a code to print a pass for two in their hometown). Just use the correct link below, include your name, and tell me what this new CHUD (and its new community) feels like to you. I might use the responses in our media kit so be sure to be honest and clear in your opinions. I’m all for constructive criticism…

…and unabashed praise.