Your letters. My smartass replies.The Steady Leak
may not be so steady these days, but your letters have been, so I must
share them and answer them so that the wheels keep turning on this
crazy little bitch. Feel free to ask whatever about whomever or
whatever, and I’ll do my best to answer it. Letters in here might be
positive, negative, or indifferent and I’ll try to maintain a balance.
Please keep sending them in (SEND A LETTER), as it’s you who fuels this column. With that said, here we go….

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Another One of Gotham’s Defeated.

Mitch to the left!Chris writes:


Nick’s Reply: I’ve been told it only screws up for Firefox users, the browser that is about 60% as good as people treat it. Either way, it seems to be fixed. Oh, and ALL CAPS doesn’t make a lick of difference to me. It makes you no tougher.


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Deep Thoughts.

Mitch to the right.Jordan writes: Stuck on you was a good movie.

Nick’s Reply: What are we, IGN? IMDB? That’s kind of depth I expect from people writing in over there, not here. I assume you read Devin’s article HERE and felt the need to reply. I agree, Stuck on You was a good movie, but please try to offer a little more than that next time.


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Brain Trust.

Mitch to the left!Travis writes

devin is an idiot.

Nick’s Reply: You should least show the grace to capitalize his name. I really think we’re onto something here. The increasing drop in the IQ ratio of our readers. It’ll be a lot easier to be a dick to people knowing that our readership is growing more Neanderthal. Travis, TELL ME WHY. Better yet, email Devin for his LETTERS COLUMN instead of just making a blanket statement that does no one any good. By the way, if you do indeed hate him I can recommend some good anti-Devin sites.


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The Unpopular Opinion.

Mitch to the right.Scott writes:

Bravo. I have been an avid fan of your
leak for a long time. It
s funny, clever and highly entertaining.
Thanks for RON
I was getting anxious. Just keep the
coming and it will be read. A lot of people can only
negative feedback, so no response may be a thumbs up. Also, Everyone at CHUD does a solid job at reviewing the films. I often
find myself totally agreeing with what is said or notice something that was
mentioned if
I missed it the first time. Even if I dont agree I still get a
different point of view. Keep up the stellar work, and RON is
as hell.

Nick’s Reply: Thank you. Especially on the RON stuff. I know now that it will never be all that beloved to most of the people out there. Maybe when I’m dead people will find it and say "hey, this was fun". Either way, it’s pleasing the shit out of me and I think we kind of plan to do it for a good long while until we can collect it in one giant tome. Plus, we’re going to do some strips that connect the dots a little better, including a real beginning that takes place before the Lewis zombie thing. Please keep reading, it is free and daily after all.


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Mitch to the left!Matthew writes:

"As for plagiarism, nah. Lucas draws inspiration from a lot of places but he’s not a rip-off artist."

- this was in response to a fan who was worried the end of revenge of the sith would be a little to much like the end of Return of the king.

A few years ago a thought regarding Star Wars popped into my head, and i can’t help but think it every single time i see or hear about Episode IV: A new hope.

The first half of the film is extremely similar to the first half of Fellowship of the Ring . First you have the enemy who is looking for something (ring/r2d2) that happens to fall into the hands of the hero (luke/frodo) both are orphan’s living with extended family in a place which is so far away it goes unnoticed by the rest of the world (shire/tattoine, they look a lot different though). The hero talks with a Wizard/Jedi (Obi Wan/ Gandalf) friend about the ring/r2d2, who explains to them that it must go to those who know what to do with it (elves in rivendell/ resistance on alderran). So they are chased by the enemy on their way (slight difference, Gandalf splits). They go to a bar and met a shady character who gets them out of the town and away from the villians just in time. (Han Solo/Aragorn.
They are two vastly different characters, but the first impression is similar, you don’t know if you should trust him).

The film changes here, as Alderan is destroyed and Rivendell is not.

At this point they rescue the princess, which I’m told is similar to The hidden fortress, I haven’t seen it so I dunno. If it’s true the only original part in this movie is the attack on the death star.

Also Gandalf/Obi Wan also die at around the beggining of the third act in a similar way. Both are fighting off a villian as the others escape.

Nick’s Reply: Interesting, but I’m going to allow Lucas his artistic license here. There are a lot of themes and events that are genre staples across the board. Plus, you never made the connection that Boromir is a spot on rip-off of Salacious Crumb.


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Mitch to the right.Hollyglenn writes:

When does the Horror Channel premiere?
Will it be on DirecTV?
search led me to your site. when I emailed The Horror Channel
several days ago, they didn’t respond.
Thank you!
–Big Fan in West Texas

Nick’s Reply: Holy cow, you got the wrong folks with this email.


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Mitch to the left!Merle writes:

Please have
screenings in Pennsylvania. I promise to attend and bring
Granted, they may
just be the people I saw on the way, but they’ll be people sans
Love & stuff –

Nick’s Reply: Sorry, but it itsn’t going to happen. If I did any new markets, it’d be large markets where I ws sure it’d lead to a rise in traffic. Then again, the current screenings do very little for us on the business end and "giving back to the readers" only has so much value when the readers could give a toss. Maybe when we’re bought out by some giant corporation.


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Screenings 2

Mitch to the right.Matthew writes:

I was just wondering if it would be possible to list the screening
times/dates when you have these new screening announcements. I think you used
to list the date/time, but I haven’t seen it recently. I just don’t want to
waste a stamp and your envelope-stuffing time on a pass for a movie I know I
can’t make it to.

Just a thought–thanks for keeping up with the screenings!

Nick’s Reply: OK, maybe SOME readers give a shit. I stopped doing the dates and times for a few reasons. First of all, I post the screenings when I find out we’re doing them. Often, passes don’t arrive for weeks after so I don’t have a clue. I need to give people time to respond, send their envelopes, or whatever. Also, I noticed that people got picky and snooty about it and it’s not worth the effort. I’ve threatened to quit doing screenings several times because it’s all work and no reward for me. We don’t make any revenue, and it’s time consuming. I tried putting merchandise order forms to make it a little more worth the effort but very few people paid attention. So, now I see it as, we put it out there and if people somehow can’t make it they can give it to a friend of co-worker. Here’s a suggestion: if someone starts a thread for every CHUD screening and I see a little discussion and interest, I’ll post the times and dates when the passes arrive.


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I Was Wrong.

Mitch to the left!DVDA writes:

Hey, love the site, but I have a nitpick. I just finished reading L.A.
Confidential, great book, one of Ellroys Best. However, I remembered a few
months back in one of the Leaks, you used the movie version in your ‘Edit’
column, writing:
LA Confidential (The
Nick Cut)
– Bud White (Russell Crowe) should not have survived that film.
It was a total waste. In the book, he died.
Um, actually dude, he didn’t. Although the book and film are waaaaaaaay
different, one of the few things that is actually taken almost verbatim, is the
final scene between Crowe, Pearce, and Bassinger. Bud White lives in both.
Anyway, I don’t mean to bitch, just wanted to clear that up. Keep up with
the good work.

Nick’s Reply: Yeah, a bunch of people corrected me on that. My head SO played tricks with me on that one.


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Mitch to the right.Rob writes:

I don’t agree about Stephen A. Smith being annoying, but I do agree that
Scott’s whole "Yeah dawg" routine is over. Over as of three years ago.
And how could anyone EVER support Barry Bonds? Guy goes from scrawny
base-stealer to home run God and that doesn’t send flags up that he’s
By the way, this was the first Leak column I’ve ever read fully, mostly due
to the Scrimm picture and that I whole-heartedly agree with you on that.
But I disagree with the general consensus that the "Dawn" and "TCM" remakes
have been "not that bad". They’re garbage, but whatever, other than those two
exceptions, you guys do a great job.

Nick’s Reply: There’s another hundred and change Leaks for you to read right HERE. Some of them are quite good! I hate Stephen A. Smith. He’s just all sorts of wrong to me. I can’t handle him at all. As for Bonds, I try not to judge players by much aside from their skills. Bonds is an incredible, amazing ballplayer. What ultimately lost me wasn’t the steroid allegations but by how disrespectful towards his teammates, team, and the media since. I like both remakes though. Like ‘em fine.


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Mitch to the left!Dario writes:

¸¶.ÄÉ.ÆÃ/±¤°í ºñ¿ëÀº ºñ½Î°í È¿°ú°¡
¿Ïº®ÇÑ °ËÁõ,È®ÀÎ..°á°ú·Î ¸»ÇÏ´Â ¸¶ÄÉÆÃ…
(¸ÞÀÏÆûÀÌ ÇãÁ¢ÇÏ´Ù°í ¼²ºÒ¸® ÆÇ´ÜÇÏÁö
1.¸¶.ÄÉ.ÆÃ/±¤.°í ÄÁ¼³ÆÃ
   -¾÷ü(»ç¿ø) ¹× °³ÀÎ ´ë»óÀ¸·Î ¿Â¶óÀÎ ¸¶.ÄÉ.Æà ±³À° ¹×
   -¸¶.ÄÉ.Æà ȿ°úÀÇ ¿Ïº®ÇÑ °ËÁõ ¹× È®ÀÎ
   -(Áö¹æ)ÃâÀå±³À° °¡´É
2.¸¶.ÄÉ.ÆÃ/±¤.°í ´ëÇà
   -ºñ½Ñ ºñ¿ë¿¡ ºñÇØ È¿°ú¸¦ ¸øº¸½ÅºÐ
*ÀüÈ­ÅëÈ­·®ÀÌ ¸¹Àº°ü°è·Î  »ó´ã½Åû¼­/À̸á/¸Þ½ÅÀú·Î ¸ÕÀú ¿¬¶ôÀ» Áֽøé
¹Ù·Î ÀüÈ­¸¦ µå·Á
  Ä£ÀýÈ÷, ÀÚ¼¼È÷ »ó´ãÇØ

Mr. Grunt and Point’s Reply: Bullshit! First of all, it was Don Johnson in Dead Bang and not Carroll O’Connor. On top of that, it is not a scene for scene remake of Charlotte’s Web but rather a humdrum cop film. Additionally, your speculation that Carl Weathers would have been a better Aragorn comes from a place that is not wholly pure. I did a background check and discovered that you are indeed Mr. Carl Weathers himself and not Dario. Way to go, Apollo. Way to spoil my letter column.

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