This blog is half shameless plug and half “I’m secure enough in my manhood to think baby animals are cute” statement.
The shameless plug part comes because a couple of my best friends shot, edited and directed the Bronx Zoo’s new video podcast, which can be found at the official site or through iTunes.

I wouldn’t have brought it up here if I didn’t really enjoy it. The first one just went online yesterday and is a fascinating look at a Bird Keeper’s role in raising some baby flamingos. Gotta love the names they picked for the little guys.

Sure, it’s very goofy, but it’s for the Bronx Zoo, people. Can’t get much more mainstream than that. And look at all the cute little baby flamingos! Show this to a girl and I guarantee she’ll go “SQUEEE!!!” and give you the best sex of your life.

On a complete side note, a year or two ago I was invited by another friend that works in the Bronx Zoo to a BBQ at their reptile house. Yes, a BBQ. I sat among animals of all shapes and sizes while dead ones were being cooked on the grill. It was strange and awesome all at once.