STUDIO: Lion’s Gate
MSRP: $26.98
RUNNING TIME: 97 Minutes

The Pitch

“It’s Desperate Measures meets the production quality of Cinemax After Dark (without the nudity).”

The Humans

Alexandra Paul, Bruce TRON Boxleitner and Michael Riley

The Nutshell

Such a sad tale. Young Emily is dying. She needs a bone marrow to live. Her mother and step-dad are not matches. Her only hope is her biological dad. Except he’s evil (you can tell because he has a goatee). Not Satanic evil, but A-Team villain evil. Will he help?

The Package

According to the IMDB this was made for TV and you can tell. I don’t know what channel made this, but I’d guess Lifetime (although, Lifetime usually stamps their name all over their crappy DVDs, so who knows). It looks and sounds like made-for-cable trite. At times the picture is even a little grainy. Maybe that was a “thriller” effect – but I doubt it.

something witty
Josh had won another Thumb War. That was 3 out of 5. Soon he’ll cut off John’s hand as a memento.

The Lowdown

Originally (according to the IMDB) this movie was called Saving Emily. Saving Emily is a much more accurate title for this movie. That title sounds like a crappy, melodramatic, made-for-cable flick.

Blood Trap, on the other hand, sounds more “thriller”-ish. Couple that with the cover art and you can see the direction the marketing department was going with. The only problem is that completely misrepresents the movie.

This distortion puts you in the wrong mindset. You are expecting a thriller, possibly a horror movie, and you get Lifetime. That’s like seeing previews for Silence of the Lambs and getting Nell.

Jane didn’t know what to do. This was her first date in months and that “not so fresh” smell was stronger than ever.

It doesn’t help that the movie sucks as well. It is so over the top (and not in a Stallone way) that you want the little girl to die (and possibly her mother and father too). In fact the only character worth a damn is “the bad guy.” Michael Riley plays the part with as much over-acting ability as possible. I can see the director giving him Knight Rider Season 2 on DVD and asking Riley to study Hasselhoff’s acting in the Garth Knight episodes.

Avoid at all costs. Slap the Blockbuster manager if you see if on the shelf. Then run. Run far away from Blood Trap.

“Excuse me, does this goatee makes me look evil?"

1.1 out of 10