January 21

Media: Nein.

Music: Skimmed the entire Lucky Nightsticks catalog with Steve, remixed a few as well.

Comedy: Nein.

Food: I made cavatelli with roasted garlic sauce, tossed in mozzarella and locatelli (goat’s milk, my favorite of all) cheese. Later we had a little more pasta with the gang but balanced by sausage and potatoes & garlic bread.

Family: A little bit.

Work: Worked on the return of my ‘Most Interesting Celebrities’ ongoing list, gathered List of Dumb photos, did a little here and there to prep for the next 5 days of nightmare blitzkrieg writing. Recorded almost an hour of material for next week’s video podcast. That was an endeavor.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Good meeting with Renn on the short, and now he’s on his way to Savannah do recon.

Minutia: There’s this business related issue stemming from a situation with Steve that has become a real nightmare. I don’t full understand it but it certainly gives me pause about the value of honesty in this world. Poor dude. Hope it works out and I hope that it doesn’t cause us any more headaches than it already has.

Activity: Weights.

Shrink’s Chair: I lust for simplicity.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Writing. The cigar shop up 400.

The Day’s Rating: