.The readers of this site are genius. They make me look dumb as Hell in comparison most of the time, as my knowledge is more geared towards obscure Mos Eisely Cantina patrons and Reb Brown vehicles than who fell in love on the set of Nekromantic and what James Dean’s last words were after "That ain’t Stacy Keach!".

Movie trivia. The opiate of the masses.

Folks in Atlanta are in for a treat, provided they are 21 or older and willing to put their mouth where their um… mouth is. IFC is in town with a little live trivia battle that may net someone a home theater system or even a trip to next years’ Cannes Film Festival (where I’ll be pimping some movie I’m working on). Here’s the details:

Attention movie buffs: The Independent Film Channel
(IFC) brings The Film Fanatic Challenge,” a
traveling movie trivia game based on its popular TV game show, to Atlanta! Throughout the month of June, during the Film
Festival, Atlanta
film lovers will have a chance to show off their knowledge of movie trivia by
squaring off against other film buffs.
participant who enters has a chance to win an Apple mini ipod. On the final night, Saturday, June 25
participants enter to win an IFC Home Theater System, and have the chance to
win a trip for two to the 2006 Cannes Film Festival
. Anyone 21 and older is invited
to come on and play.

Where, you ask? Right here, and please win if you go. Last thing we need is for some People Magazine subscriber taking the booty home.

June 8, 9 &10
June 1, 2, & 3 9pm – Midnight

Brewhouse Café
401 Moreland NE
GA 30307
Phone: (404)525-7799

June 16 –18 9pm-Midnight
June 22, 24 &25 9pm-Midnight

Manuel’s Tavern
N Highland Ave

GA 30307
Phone: (404) 525-3447