.If you would have told me after Ghost World that Scarlett Johanssen was going to become not only one of the most sought after and delectable actresses in Hollywood, I’d probably have said "yeah, and I’ll work with Jan De Bont too!". But, lo and behold she is, and I’m the dunce of the decade because not only am I working with the dude, I think he’s terrific. Goes to show you that assumptions are like assholes, you should keep them private.

The lovely Scarlett is one of the headliners of Michael Bay’s The Island, a futuristic action flick featuring cloning and chase sequences and Steve Buscemi, another Coen vet. Ewan McGregor is the other star, and I’m going to take a guess that this may end up being his better flick involving clones this year.

Plus, Djimon Hounsou and Michael Clarke Duncan are on board and the trailers for this flick have either been really cool, or somewhat mysterious. Both are good, and something tells me this may be the first Bay film to win the skeptics over.

Of course, that’s my assumption.

Want to see it early? Follow the rules below and make sure to WRITE ON THE ENVELOPE the names of two Hollywood talents you fear might be clones of former stars. You know, perhaps George Clooney was created using Cary Grant DNA or Reese Witherspoon was created from the DNA of Bullet Chin O’Hanrahan. Stuff like that.

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