.Update: I’m pretty much all out of room for the Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte screenings but I encourage Birmingham and Raleigh to step it up, lest you be banished in the future. Above and beyond that, we’ve added FIVE Florida towns to the list, so please follow the rules below and do it soon if you want to see this apparently awesome flick early. One thing: PLEASE specify what city you want to see the film in or I’ll have no clue. Good luck!

I went on the set for The Wedding Crashers last year. It was a brief stay, but I got to chat withthe film’s writers and see the spiky entity that is Christopher Walken’s hair from a distance as well as Rachel McAdams before she had a few McHits under her McBelt. I didn’t get to see Owen or Vince, a fact which saddens me to this day.

This is what I consider the comedy for the cool folks this summer. Vaughn and Wilson are sort of like their own brand, one that doesn’t extend to Ben Stiller because he also mixes in a steady diet of lame comedies. Vince and Owen are the current class of the crop, and this one’s as safe a bet as there is.

The duo play a pair of guys who crash weddings in hopes of landing some of the choice derriere that frequents such affairs. Of course, they most likely fall in love and realize the error of their ways, but that isn’t why we see these movies. Owen. Vince. Together. Whoa, what if they fell in love with each other at the end? That’d be awesome, and it’d be fun to see Bill O’Reilly implode at the idea.

Want to see it early? Follow the rules below and make sure to WRITE ON THE ENVELOPE
the words "I LUST FOR OWEN WILSON!". I want to freak out the USPS.

These are the cities we’re doing the screening in:

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Tampa/St. Pete
West Palm Beach


Grab a SASE and shove it in the
mail and PLEASE specify the city it’s for as I don’t know all those suburbs and often have sent passes to
the wrong cities because folks didn’t specify.

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