In the late 18oos, a small experiment to determine whether or not a horse had one or more hooves on the ground at all times during a gallop. This was achieved by taking a series of 24 pictures with 24 cameras and creating a motion sequence- this helped lead to the development of motion picture film.

And I love that the same kind of scrutiny happens on the internet with every frame released of a superhero’s costume, at least this early in the production. The most recent photo of Spider-Man to follow the officially released costume still is a quick snap from the set during a stunt shoot, and it’s sure to get that same microscope applied.

There’s a number of things to note here- not least of which is the costume’s apparently brighter finish, interestingly designed soles, the structure of the facial mask, and the presence of the wrist devices. A few of these are easily explained- the color difference in the suit more than likely concerns cinematography or visual effects (I know for a fact that D.P. John Schwartzman is shooting with less light than he typically would, due to the new RED EPIC sensor in the 3D camera set-ups*) as are the red-appearing eye plates. The design of the suit, which is even more clear than in the original still, is up for the forum goers and commentera to disect, but once color correction kicks in a lot of that over-designed texture is going to become much more subdued and act as the deep detail that makes these suits looks so slick. A quick PS hatchetjob darkening makes this pretty clear…

The metal devices on the wrist are much more clear in this shot, which everyone has taken to assume means constructed web-shooters. I’d say this is also more than likely, but it could just as easily be a design feature of the suit opening up for the webs. Tech-based shooters are one simple way for this franchise to strike out from the other one though, so I can’t imagine they’re passing that opportunity up.

So enjoy scrutinizing folks!

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Source | MTV

*If you like EXTREME technical detail, check out his excited post on the subject in the REDUSER forums.