csaSinger and actress Christina Milian, global superstar from Be Cool, has signed on to appear in Pulse, the latest Hollywood movie to take its cues from an Asian horror film. In Pulse a hacker pirates a wireless signal that opens a doorway for some evil force to come into our world. This whole "horror based on modern technology" business has just reached the same point that the "horror based on nuclear testing making stuff huge" did when Night of the Lepus came out.

At any rate, Milian plays the best friend of "star" Kristen Bell, from Veronica Mars, the TV show with the worst cinematography ever. Milian is a "street smart party girl" who hooks up with dudes via the Internet. Yo, Milian, MySpace me.

Ian Somerhalder, aka Dead Boone from Lost, is also in the movie, marking the latest actor from that show to seamlessly move into crappy horror movies.

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