Sometimes being a writer sucks. Why? I spent my entire morning ruminating about Uwe Boll’s Postal (evidence here). Not that it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen, far from it, but getting yourself so deep into the inner workings of a film so inept isn’t good for the brain. I had to crack open a beer at 11 in the morning just to keep myself going.

Things were actually so hectic at the screening last night that I didn’t get a chance to meet the director, and after the way I felt about the film, that’s probably a good thing. Fun fact! His name is pronounced “Uva”, not “Yoo-wee”.

One thing I couldn’t help thinking was how lame it is that Boll gets tens of millions and an R rating when he does a film like this while companies like Troma struggles to get their microbudget films even released in a handful of theaters. In fact, watching a film like this which is irreverent just for the sake of being irreverent makes me appreciate what Troma does more than ever. I hope Poultrygeist makes it out in your area soon, because that film taps into the same terrorist/big business/American culture satire that Postal does but is a thousand times more effective… and offensive.

Anyway, now I feel like I need a nap.