csThrough the month of June The Indpendent Film Channel is running Pulp Indies – 30 days of crimes, sex, drugs and thugs! Sounds like an average month at Chez Faraci. Anyway, each Friday the channel will have a different "pulp indie" movie, and they’re all good ones. Here’s the list:

June 3 – Reservoir Dogs
June 10 – Blade Runner
June 17 – Jackie Brown
June 24 – Dancing at the Blue Iguana

But besides good movies, there’s more!

Win a body bag stuffed with cash! Stay tuned after each PULP film on Friday nights to get that week’s PULP 4-letter word. Go to IFCBODYBAG.COM beginning June 3rd and enter the week’s PULP 4-letter word for your chance to win one of the killer weekly prizes and to be eligible to win a body bag stuffed with loot.

In the meantime, you can ENTER TO WIN The “Friday Night Pulp Indies Prize Pack” Courtesy of IFC, ElectricArtists and CHUD.com. The prize pack is:

IFC T Shirt
1 PULP INDIE DVD (Jackie Brown – such an underrated film! More of you should own this.)
Microwave Popcorn Tub
Rice Krispies Treat
Tropical Skittles
Fisher Honey-Roasted Peanuts
Cracker Jacks
Red Vines Licorice
Hot Tamales Cinnamon Candy
Mike and Ike Candies
Blow Pop
20-ounce Coca-Cola Soda

Just send me your name and mailing address to devin@chud.com with PULP INDIES in the subject line. It’s that easy!