January 20

Media: Nein.

Music: Sounding Out the City, El Michels Affair.

Comedy: Nein.

Food: Roast beef sandwich, Irish pub chicken proclaiming to explode with herbs and spices that imploded with herbal dryness.

Family: Very little.

Work: Made steps with the GUY.com mobile app, started to get folks hunkering down. Added some good talent to the team for GUY.com, including an old CHUD contributor who may show his face there from time to time. Good day organizationally but I wanted to do more.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Finished the outline for the short. It seems folks dig it.

Projects: Good stuff, nothing I can share.

Minutia: I got a damn Royal Flush in cards, which has never happened (I won the hand, by the way). I then proceeded to get molested by the River card on five or six big hands. I should have seen the pinball machine encroaching. Looks like I might be set visiting a television show I love.

Activity: Weights.

Shrink’s Chair: If all I had to manage was myself I’d be a thrilled man.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Video podcast, baby.

The Day’s Rating: