There’s a new noisy gameplay video out for Brink, the Splash Damage-developed, Bethesda Software-distributed shooter. The focus this time? As a greater man than me once said: “Guns, guns, guns!”

Check out “A Choir of Guns”.

If you don’t know the story, Brink takes place in the future, where the remnants of humanity float above a flooded Earth on a utopian city known as The Ark. The floating city features renewable resources but only for 5,000 people, and the population has grown to 10 times that. The city is now on the brink and two factions fight to take control of the place. Fortunately there are plenty of guns to thin the herd!

Brink already looks stunning, and you have to love the fluid parkour-inspired movements, similar to Mirror’s Edge. Along with a single player campaign the game will also offer robust class-based co-op and multiplayer modes.

Over on the official site you can find a new developer diary up, this one about the sound design.

Expect Brink to hit Spring 2011.