Scream 4– now with technology!

Yes, the anonymous killer or killers in Scream 4 are all about recreating the original film using all that newfangled technology they didn’t have back in 1996. Videos on cell phones! Can you imagine?

The first full trailer for the film is now up on iTunes and it certainly looks like it has potential, but let’s not forget that this is Wes Craven. They call him the Master of Suspense in the trailer but who really believes that? We’re all grownups here, we can admit to ourselves that the man’s been coasting for quite a while. Cursed, people. CURSED.

But I actually kinda like the idea that they’re tackling remakes this time in Scream. Certainly fits with the times, and it’s amusing to hear the potential victim rattling off titles in the trailer.

We’ll find out if the years have been kind to the slasher franchise in three months.