csaWoody Allen’s latest movie, Match Point, premiered at Cannes to fairly enthusiastic reviews, reminding us that the fellow may not have lost it after all. Shot in England because it’s cheaper and he can get foreign financing (Europeans see his movies while you philistines go for the seventh viewing of Revenge of the Sith. How many times can you go to a movie in a week before it stops being recreation and becomes a pathology?), Match Point stars Scarlett Johansen. Now the film has a US home – Dreamworks, who distributed Woody during what will surely be remembered as his fallow period (Curse of the Jade Scorpion et al).

Meanwhile, the Woodman is moving ahead on his next film, also to be shot in England (New York misses him!) Scarlett will again star, as we have reported in the past, but now Woody has a male actor cast – Ian McShane, the swearingest barkeep in the Old West on Deadwood.

McShane will finish the film in time to get to work on the third season of Deadwood, which will chronicle the invention of the phrase "cum gargler" as Al Swearngen gets tired of "cocksucker."