We’re proud to bring you the premiere of the US poster for Cronicas, a thriller that’s been a sensation in Latin America. John Leguizamo is a reporter covering the case of serial rapist when he violates his own ethics to get the story. Cronicas played at Sundance, and many reviewers have said that it will change the way you look at TV news. Also, it features an appearance by Doc Ock hisself, Alfred Molina.

Cronicas is coming to you thanks to Palm Pictures, one of the more exciting indie distributors. It should be hitting theaters in limited release this July – I’m definitely looking forward to catching it. Not only is it looking more and more like 2005 is going to be only redeemed by small and foreign films (the big budget stuff this year is the worst in a long time), but I am also glad to see John Leguizamo in a role that will show the haters he can do more than clown.