csaEwan McGregor is going to break the Dual Role barrier by playing two sets of Dual Roles – that’s right, a Quadruple Role! And if one of them is a retarded gay football player, he might finally get his Oscar.

The film is yet unnamed, but it’s being directed by Peter Capaldi, and is about a 1930s film star who is making a period piece set in 1745. When the star goes missing, his stand in gets promoted, with unexpected – and possibly hilarious! – results.

The movie will shoot in the UK next year. I wonder if Ewan will be doing a lot of greenscreen work to create his multiple characters – you might think that Star Wars might have soured him on it, like it did to Liam Neeson.

I wonder if this will be his first multiple role – how many clones does he play in The Island anyway?

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