With the omnipresent media drone surrounding Obama and Clinton, eventual Republican presidential nominee John McCain has had it pretty easy.  Sure, he takes a little flak for being old, but as long as he can trot “Mummy” in front of the cameras to prove that he won’t stroke out on us while president, he’s in little danger of age becoming a serious issue.  I’m probably the only one who feels this way, but I’ve been noticing some really strange things about his wife, Cindy:

The knowing grin.  The steely blue, almost extraterrestrial stare.  Hair wound back so tight that it looks like it might break her face.  Hang on- let’s take a look at another picture:

There’s just something familiar about her.  I can’t quite place it.  Let me put on me shades o’ truth…

I knew it:  Cindy McCain = Meg Foster!

Cindy McCain and Megan Foster both have 11 letters in their names. 

–  McCain: Irish.  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper: Scottish, which everyone knows is just Irish lite.

–  McCain:  was injured in POW camp, after which he returned to America, where he gradually got weller.  Foster:  Oversees dangerous ocean mining operation, after which she gets brutally punched out by Peter Weller (and is possibly injured, who’s to say).

I can’t wait to hear McCain defend the Masters of the Universe film.