You’ve seen the tit-based craziness Drive Angry 3D has to offer in the coverage Alex ran a week ago, and now there’s a different type of badassery to take a look at… the William Fichtner type.

Frankly, boobs amongst bullets doesn’t feel that novel or interesting (they don’t need to go away or anything, there’s just no gold star for it at this point), but I will say that William Fichtner calmly sort of… stepping out of a car wreck is delightful. I think most agree that there is still plenty of enjoyment to mine from Nic Cage in wacko-mode, but Bill F is going to be the real draw for Drive Angry 3D for keener-eyed chewers, I do believe. He’s having the kind of fun here that can make a bad movie worthwhile- if he’s got the screentime to back it up.

You can check out what the fuck I’m talking about in the video embed below. You’ll notice the same kind of car stunts that have gotten pretty fucking old hat since CGI infused itself into automotive gags, but the stock-straight almost wooden way Fichtner steps out onto the other is nice. Cars driving quickly under barreling objects that have been launched slightly up in the air in an unlikely manner- that specifically can stop. Frankly, stepping calmly out of moving vehicles is quickly becoming stale, but Bill does it like a gentleman.

I’ve also included a decent TV spot they sent along (LOVE the insistence that the film is “shot” in 3D), and the NSFW firefightfuck scene for the hell of it, so enjoy.

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