January 19

Media: Top Gear (USA) 1 Episode, No Strings Attached. Animal Kingdom.

Music: Wildflowers, Tom Petty, The Garden, Zero 7.

Comedy: Medium Energy, Todd Barry. One of my favorite comedy albums in years.

Food: Chicken parm (from the amazing E. 48th St. Market), grilled chicken.

Family: Worked at home with Mom and Rocco all day while Catherine stayed by her mom’s side after surgery. We picked Sofia up and went to the aforementioned deli and had a nice time. The kids were a handful, and I should know better than to let Sofia have cream soda and chocolate in the same sitting.

Work: Frustrating. One step forward, two steps back with the little tweaks on the site. You fix something, and something else gets whacked. It’s a weird place to be. Had a conference call with the techs to hopefully get us closer to Heaven. It’s a process. It just sucks when everything works and then some unexpected side effect occurs. Like Internet Explorer. I cannot believe people use that browser. Otherwise, more of the same. Trying to deliver some good content for CHUD but I need to focus on GUY.com for a while.

Art: Nope.

Screenwriting: Had a GREAT call out of nowhere on a script I wrote a million years ago. The action flick I wrote the treatment for seems to be getting off its ass (and it better be, with the studio that’s interested in it getting impatient). And the short film is piecing together in my head like magic.

Projects: It looks like sometime in the near future you will all know the official release information and details about Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Pretty excited about the new possibilities.

Minutia: I cannot tell you how much different my life is when there’s no baseball. I got my first two fantasy magazines this past week and parts of my soul seemed to open up. Pitchers and catchers report in a few weeks, and more will open. Come April, when there are games every day and I have that vital part of my daily life going it’s amazing how much happier I am.

Activity: Chasing Rocco.

Shrink’s Chair: Conversation is the most overvalued thing in the world. Economy of words, especially when it comes to work and deliverables, is something I dream for. I love long conversations in the casual world but when it comes to work it needs to be BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Otherwise, multiple life forces are being sapped for no real good.

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