Opening Day Blues.

It’s going to take some time to acclimate to baseball being readily available. For those of you who have been around me these past few months, life has been a steady diet of late nights and explorations. It’s been great and it’s been taxing and it is starting to wind down as I get ready to step forward into a much different place both physically and mentally.

Baseball is always the equalizer, all apologies to Mr. Woodward.

Opening day is just an incredible time. The only day of the year my local sports bar gets its head out of its ass and actually lets my sport dominate its hundreds of tv screens, and the day where fans of every team can be unified in their hopes and dreams until reality comes in and starts to hammer the cold truth into their faces. April really allows everyone a chance to have “their team” be the talk of the town, because when July and August start rolling around, the eyes have glazed over and the fun ballpark franks have added to the sad middle-aged gut and nope, the Royals are not going to the series this year.

The Braves are 0-2 with two somewhat crushing last inning defeats but ones that showcase a team with fire and grit and enough young [and very old] talent to deliver at least a good run for the division if not a potential October run.

It’s not like the National League’s got a team that can take the Tigers, Sox, Yanks, or Indians but it’s fun to daydream.

I love opening day. One of my favorite of the year. I just don’t think there’s gonna be any more like it again for me.

– Nick Nunziata is unhappy the Braves are 0-2 but is thrilled to be watching real baseball again.