It looks as though I’ll be sharing my experiences from the set of Battle: Los Angeles (which took place well over a year ago) here on CHUD next week, and it’s funny that much of what they worked so hard to keep secret on that visit is now clearly laid out on the film’s website. To prime yourself for that report, you can visit said website and see that Sony has set up a pretty sophisticated web presence for their tentpole alien invasion film.

A quick trip to will take you to a flash site that has all of the desktop wallpapers and trailer you would expect, a long with a cute arcade-style point and shoot game that lets you get a look at the aliens in 8-bit motion! Well, probably more like 32 or 64, but whatever.

When you’re done blasting aliens with your primitive human weapons, you can take a trip over to the W.A.T.C.H. section, will contains materials for the Worldwide Assessment of Threats Concerning Mankind, and assembles all kinds of materials (including links to what seem like legit outside websites) that provide evidence for alien visits to Earth. There’s a pretty intense amount of video content from supposed eye-witnesses and experts, more than enough to kill some time if you’re really excited for this slick looking film.

The other feature of the site is a world map (seen at the top), which lets you feed in news reports by hovering over different cities that are being attacked in the film. i09 was able to release details about a hidden portion of this section today, which can give you even more access to information about the evil aliens.

You can find that section by doing the following…

• Visit the “Sightings Map” section.
• Hit the “Priority Access” button.
• Type in the code “031111” into the dialogue box.

Here you can enjoy everything from audio excerpts of the alien speech, to vaguely 3D photos of their eggs and weapons systems. One piece in particular details a nasty sound bomb that is apparently capable of shifting tectonic plates- that’d fuck us up but good!

Flip through the site if you’re so inclined, and keep your eyes peeled on CHUD next week for a detailed report of my visit to Baton Rouge, along with extensive interviews with the director, cast, and crew.

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