I guess some people failed their reading comprehension classes. I’ve gotten a total of 20 envelopes today, FOUR of which had mints in them. Five if you count the person who had two of those breath strips loose in the envelope. See, the goal was to be able to promote good breath wherever I went, always have a mint for a friend in need. Not to risk someone’s health. I also got Star Wars stickers, of which I really have no use for. The same goes for a coupon for mints. This isn’t rocket science, really. Are CHUD.com’s Atlanta readers the laziest in all its readership or was I just too demanding to expect people to read all that text below rather than skip to the address? Well, I guess people will find out when their envelopes come back to them not with a Batman Begins pass but a post-it note with "Try Again" inside.

***End of Bitchy Update***

Lucky you!

50 CHUD.com readers in Atlanta are going to see Batman Begins before the rest of society, so when you enter your offices on the day it’s released you’ll be the most popular person for a day. Then, the next day that new intern with the plunging breasts will resume his/her reign. These are "admit one" passes, so it’s a one pass per winner type of deal.

If you weren’t aware, Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) has taken David (Blade) Goyer’s script, filled his film with great choices (I’ll take some tiny bit of credit in the Bale thing), and delivered a sober and potentially great Batman film. How great is it? I have no clue, but I feel pretty good. Regardless, it’s a must see.

Thankfully, some of us will see it together.

I have a weird spin on the contest this time around, one that will be great for people who come into direct contact with CHUD.com personnel.


Using the mailing address below, send a SASE to me with some sort of mint product inside. Not some loose peppermint from the local El Atzeca but something sanitary. A box of Altoids? Great. One of those little things with the gels that explode inside of you? Terrific. A thing of Certs? Splendid. The last few screenings have been odd, what with some folks sending disgusting packets of moisturizer that leak inside the envelope. To the fellow who sent the B&N Gift Certificate, thank you! I now have a new copy of the excellent To Reign in Hell. To those that inquired about RON and CHUD shirts, I have them in stock but need to be out of stock by mid June. Help me out!

Mail SASE to:

4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30022

One pass per envelope, max of two envelopes per household.