Lebanon might be the most under-looked, under-championed film from last year, and frankly I feel guilty as hell for not doing more to get it out there. In my defense it had a truly pitiful release, but it won a ton of prestigious awards and caused quite the ruckus in Israel. Based on director Samuel Maoz’s actual experiences during the Israeli war with Lebanon in the early 80s, the entire film takes place from the perspective of four soldiers housed within a tank. It never leaves the confines of the machine, with the gun-turret’s sight being the audience’s only view into the outside world. Despite being based on a “gimmick,” the film flows naturally and the inherent claustrophobia is used to great effect, without ever feeling like it slows the film down or burdens it. The strongest element of the film is how well it communicates the stiflingly hot, filthy interior of the tank which only accumulates more filth as the story progresses, and depicts the psychological horror of war in in incredible visceral way.

Lebanon is finally arriving on DVD and we have a copy to give to a lucky chewer who is willing to help spread the word about the film. Whoever gets this one is in for a treat.

In order to win the film, answer the following questions:

1) Last year saw a number of “confinement” films that all took place in a single place with films like Lebanon and Buried sticking very strictly to their respective locations. What’s your favorite of this kind of film?

2) What’s your reaction to the new CHUD front page? Let us know what you think with a comment or two.

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Good luck!